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Join a Business and Professional Activities Committee

Membership on a Business and Professional Activities Division committee carries with it an obligation to participate actively in the work of the committee.

Completed applications are sent to the chair of the committee identified on the application for review. The committee chair will inform the applicant and the Institute whether the applicant is approved to join the committee. Committee members are chosen as individuals, not as representatives of industries or groups. The most important criteria are personal experience and ability. Committee members must be members of ASCE and/or SEI.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Suzanne Fisher by phone at 703-295-6195 or by e-mail at

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Note the Committee(s) you wish to join. (You are allowed to participate on up to 2 committees in this Division at the same time)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Committee
addresses the benefits, risks, and practical and contractual implications of implementing building information modeling as it affects the structural engineering profession

Business Practices Committee
addresses issues related to the practice of engineering in business environment, and the more general responsibilities of the practicing structural engineer to society

Design Practices Committee
addresses issues related to the implementation of codes and national standards into practice of structural engineering

Digital Media Task Committee
Leverage digital marketing channels to enhance and advocate SEI’s overall mission in the most effective manner. Digital marketing channels include, but not limited to, social media, digital video, mobile platform, and SEI web content, shall be the focus of the committee.

Engineering Philosophy Committee
Investigates how each branch of philosophy applies to structural engineering, and explain how philosophy is relevant to current issues in the profession

Professional Activities Committee
addresses issues related to licensing regulatory issues and professional development activities for individual structural engineers

Public Relations Committee
addresses issues related to the enhancing the image of structural engineering and structural engineers

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